Well, and here we are!

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Like Christmas and the Love of Your Life, some things are just worth waiting for, aren’t they? So I really hope you enjoy exploring this, the new website for my company, Winnthinking Ltd.

It would have been here to entertain and inform you a lot sooner, had I heeded the advice of my dear old Dad, whose mantra on all things DIY was: “if a job requires more than a nail file, call in an expert!” Wise words indeed. No, I should never have believed the web hosting site that assured me I could get my own professional website “up and running in half an hour!” And I really should have listened to that niggling little voice (was that my hubby?) that sensibly reminded me: “Woman, you have never designed and built a website in your life, and to be honest it took you a year to work out how to tag photos on Facebook…what makes you think you are up to this task?”

Anyhoo…all done now, with full credit to Russell Gillman (my technical rescuer and web building hero), Terry and Gill Belbin (for the photo that even makes my hair look neat) and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers (for just being there, really).

Here’s wishing you and I a happy blogging future together, and please do let me know what you think of winnthinking.co.uk. It took long enough to get here, and though I say it myself, I think it was well worth the wait.

Now, how do I upload this thing…?


  1. Winnthinking has a deliciously optimistic, encouraging and heartfelt upbeat trend…just like its creator!

    Good luck darling girl, I can hardly wait to start my lessons with you!

  2. Thank you Angela! Loved speaking to you the other evening. It sounds like you have some really creative business ideas bubbling away in there, so let’s see if we can get a game plan going and make them happen 🙂

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