Intense simplicities

Categories: Winnthinks

I was reminded of a fabulous concept yesterday, when sorting through some old creative thinking course outlines. Like so many great quotes it originated with Sir Winston Churchill, and what he said was this:

“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.”

Stop and think about that for a moment. ‘Intense simplicity’. Isn’t that an electrifying phrase?

When I first seriously entertained the idea of becoming my own boss, about two years ago, one of the big draws was the idea that by being independent I could simplify my life. Create my own deadlines, work to my own ethical standards, focus on what fascinates me. Well, six short months later and although I am loving every minute of the rollercoaster ride to creating my own successful business, I do appear to have acquired quite a lot of complexity along the way.

It’s all the stuff that’s someone else’s responsibility when you are an employee. Like accounts, tax, social media, marketing, websites, legal, IT maintenance, keeping the office clean and tidy…I am suddenly the wearer of many hats, some of which fit better than others, all of which demand to be worn at the same time. All those hats – no wonder my brain sometimes feels overheated!

Now I guess when Churchill made this observation it was probably in the context of something way more historic and high-stakes than running a new business – like winning the Second World War or running the country. So I figure that if that amazing, magnificent historical Winnie could pull some intense simplicity out of something that colossal, this modern-day Winnie can certainly do it for her business. So, here I shall share with you the intensely simple version of my business plan for 2012:

  • Love what I do and stay fascinated by it. That takes care of my continuous professional development and ensures I will consistently provide a great service to my customers.
  • Enjoy interacting with other people at every available opportunity. You never know when a little bit of Winnthinking will be exactly what they need, so that’s my marketing and sales strategy underway.
  • Celebrate my successes joyfully and with the aid of many chocolate biscuits, and be grateful for the business lessons I get from the ones that get away. That’s how I’m going to reach where I’m headed for and enjoy the journey as I go.
  • I think 2012 is going to be very intensely, very simply BRILLIANT. Here’s wishing the same to all of you.