No time to train your customer service staff? Try this…

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It’s the age-old problem for phone based customer service teams… they’re missing their targets, but you can’t take the team out for training because your customers are going to keep on calling in and the phones need answering.

Here’s the answer. Instead of taking the team to the trainer, bring the trainer to the team.

Call coaching is a hugely successful way of working with individual members of staff to raise the quality of their work. It’s a method that’s often used to support a more traditional training programme, but is increasingly proving its worth as a truly targeted stand-alone solution when time and staffing resources are tight.

It’s a method your line managers can learn, too, so that call coaching becomes an ongoing part of your team’s continuing development. You don’t have to stop once they’re hitting target; keep going and the sky’s the limit!

If you have staff who deal with your customers – on a helpline, a debt recovery line, in a sales team, an appointment-making team, a switchboard or a complaints team – this could be the flexible, cost-effective and time-efficient development you’ve been looking for. Get in touch and ask me about it.