Designing and Delivering Training that Sticks

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If you attend training regularly you may have found that some sessions are forgotten almost the minute you step out of the door. Others will have you so crackling with new ideas and insights that you are still returning mentally to it weeks and even years later.

There’s no great mystery to delivering truly memorable, relevant and impactful training, just a well tried and tested set of principles around why and how different people learn, and techniques that help the learning stick.

Great news! Winnthinking has a new two-day workshop on offer, called Designing and Delivering Training that Sticks. Intended for new trainers and others who wish to build their confidence and skills in the planning, design and delivery of training, the workshop includes heaps of practical tips, bright ideas and supportive feedback, all underpinned by sound learning theory

Call me on 07952 400 039 to find out more, arrange an in-house delivery or register your interest in attending a course locally to you.