Poem: Christmas Eve at Winnthinking

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On Christmas Eve at Winnthinking
The staff had all gone home
The Fairy on the Christmas tree
Was feeling all alone.
She sat atop her spiky branch
So sorry for herself
When suddenly, who should appear
But Santa and his Elf.

“You’re looking glum!” old Santa smiled
“What’s making you feel blue?”
“Oh Santa,” said the Fairy
“I’m so glad that it’s you!
That rotten lot that work in here
Have left me on this tree –
I’m stuck here on this spiky branch
And cannot wriggle free!”

The Elf climbed up and helped her down
That Fairy was relieved!
“I don’t like heights!” she said to them
“I really felt aggrieved!”
The Elf bowed low politely
And looked around the room
“This office needs some lights on –
Let’s brighten up this gloom!”

He swung upon the light switch
And instantly they saw
Winnthinking was all brightly lit
With fairy lights galore!
“Let’s have a Christmas party here!”
The Elf said gleefully;
“There’s jelly babies over here
Balloons, some chocs and tea!”

So as you close your office down
To start your Christmas break
Remember, leave some goodies out
For others to partake.
You never know who might stop by
What magic they’ll bring too;
Santa and his little Elf
Might bring themselves to you.


  1. What a lovely Christmas poem, Rebecca. All the very best to you and your family over Christmas and the New Year. Season’s Greetings, Richard

  2. Thank you Richard – a bit of festive frivolity! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas – hope to catch up in 2018.

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