To all clients and associates

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Over the last few days, I’ve been phoning my clients (current, past and future-booked). That’s not just to postpone or adjust the plans we’d made, but also to check-in with you and your people, make sure you’re OK and offer my support during the difficult period we’ve entered.

A phone call feels so much warmer and more connected in these times of increasing isolation. But it’s taken longer than I thought, as we’ve all been up for long, long chats!

If I haven’t reached you yet, I’m on my way!

I will be continuing with these calls, but it may now be too late to reach some of you on your work numbers. If that’s you, know that I’m around, I’m happy to be your listening ear, and I’m totally up for making plans about taking our work together forward flexibly. That may be now, or when ‘normal’ service is resumed.

I’ve had some wonderful conversations and you’ve all been super-supportive back. We are, indeed, all in this together.


All 1:1 coaching, group coaching and most workshops are transferable online. If (as some clients have already said) you would like to support your staff whilst they’re working (or isolating) at home, let’s think about how that could work. Timetabling a facilitated session can give structure and a comforting anchor to normality. It also enables your people to continue developing and stay focused.


Winnthinking is a micro-business, and like most of the nation right now, I have my cashflow concerns. I know you will too.

Don’t let the prospect of being presented with a bill put you off asking for my support. Let’s see what we can work out. The usual business model is suspended in these extraordinary times. Between us we can still upskill, keep up morale and look after each other’s mental health. Let’s be creative, imaginative and altruistic as never before.

Stay well, look out for each other, and keep washing those hands!