Welcome to our fresh new look!

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After six years of good service, our website was beginning to look a little ragged and in need of a refresh. And so, back in the era we might now call ‘BC’ (Before Coronavirus) I spoke to the delightful Barry Edge at EA Web Design and my longstanding visual collaborator Amanda Sebborn-Connelly at AJS Graphic Design. What could they come up with?

And here’s the result, which I hope you’ll love as much as I do.

Particular thanks to Barry for gamely reworking everything at the drop of a hat. Covid-19 bounced us into a complete rethink, just when we’d thought we were nearly there.

So, what will you find?

Our offering has been themed into the three key areas of our expertise: Caring for Customers, Teams and Team Leaders, and Your Personal Development.

  • Coaching remains available as it’s always been; in the same room, out on a walk, by phone, or by video conferencing. Coaching is, for me, THE self-development intervention that delivers most powerfully. Your own thinking can be transformational.
  • You love our Training Workshops and delivering them in person at your venue remains my favourite approach. It’s the buzz of interacting with people in the same space. Plus, we get to eat jelly babies. But in these days of limited physical contact – and looking to reduce my carbon footprint – NEW! all your favourite workshops are now fully adaptable to live delivery via video conferencing. We’re all Zoomers now!
  • NEW! There’s a section called Modular Programmes that pulls together the best of our development projects from the past 10 years. These can be adapted and delivered flexibly to your business on-site, or through a blend of video conferencing and self-managed activities. This is exciting! Frankly, I’m wondering why it took a pandemic to think of it, but there you go…
  • NEWISH! My Time is the name of a short self-development programme designed for a group of business owners back in 2015 and which will, I feel, find new resonance in our ‘AC’ (After Coronavirus) world. You’ll find it listed under Modular Programmes. Go on, take a look…it isn’t just for business owners, it’s for anyone looking to explore more of their life’s possibilities.
  • Clarity4D is our preferred communication profiling tool. You’ll find it embedded in much of this suite of offerings. Clarity4D is colourful, easy to understand and provides a sound jumping-off point for conversations about communication and miscommunication. For individuals, teams… well, everyone!
  • The Springboard Women’s Development Programme remains the jewel in the crown of personal and professional development for women right across the globe (48 countries at the last count). It’s a privilege to be part of the Springboard family of trainers. If your business is looking for a way to accelerate its female talent, here’s where to look first.

I would welcome your feedback about the new website and what’s on offer. Anything I could make clearer? Something else you’d like to see?

Could YOUR organisation use a little Winnthinking?