Clarity4D Profiling


Profiling raises your self-awareness, helping you understand how you come across to others

Communication is rarely black and white.

Clarity4D is an affordable, easy-to-use personal profiling tool, based on the work of Carl Jung. Completion of a simple online questionnaire generates a personal profile that uses colour to display your preferred behaviours and communication style.

Clarity4D is only available from accredited learning and development professionals. It is increasingly being chosen over other psychometric tools because its colourful visuals make it easy to engage with. It’s memorable, it focuses on practical learning – and it’s attractively priced.

A fascinating and effective framework for one-to-one coaching as well as workshops for small or large groups and teams.

You might also be interested in the Clarity4D Team Map – a fascinating analysis of the strengths and gaps in your team.

To find out how Clarity4D Profiling can improve communications in your business, ask for a FREE example and an introductory conversation. It commits you to nothing, but you will get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Used internationally by organisations who want to

  • Achieve more harmonious team working
  • Have better conversations with customers and sales prospects
  • Lead and manage more effectively
  • Support inclusion and value diversity
  • Explore how to deal with change more effectively

and by individuals who want to

  • Understand how they may come across to others
  • Understand why others come across as they do
  • Develop their effectiveness as a communicator

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Thanks for leading us so ably through the process and enabling the conversations to happen. I think we'll continue to benefit from the realisation that we're all different and knowing a little more about each other will empower us to communicate more effectively.

Chris Maiden, Senior Developer, Code Enigma (The Art of Communication Team Awayday)