Springboard for Women


Springboard is for any woman who wants to explore and achieve her full potential.

Rebecca is proud to be a licensed trainer for the wonderful Springboard Women’s Development Programme.

Springboard for you: Springboard is for women* from all backgrounds, of all ages and at all stages of their lives. It is for any woman who wants to take more control over her life or career, make some decisions about what to do next and take on the future with greater confidence.

Springboard for employers: Springboard provides a way for employers to effectively realise the potential of their female staff and can be a key component in an organisation’s diversity/gender initiative. Organisations say they’re delighted with the outcomes; they notice that participants become more positive and proactive, they embrace change more confidently and communicate more assertively. Powerful stuff.

Why women only? Although women and men share many common issues and pressures, they also have many that are different. They also tend to process information, communicate and problem solve in different ways. Single gender training works!

*Non-binary people are warmly welcomed at both Springboard and Navigator. Please get in touch.

The programme runs over three months and includes:

  • Four action-packed, one-day workshops at monthly intervals (full days on-site or half-days when delivered live online)
  • A practical workbook full of exercises, ideas and encouragement
  • Brilliant guest speakers – inspiring women who come to share their stories
  • Networking with other women, lots of laughter, new friendships and peer support

Talk to us about finding an open programme locally – or how about setting one up where you work? Springboard can be run for small or large groups, making it truly flexible and cost-effective. Why not co-run a programme with another organisation or two and share the cost?

Ready to start getting more of what you want?

Springboard has provided a safe space for me to dig deep and learn more about my own values, be proud of my achievements and guided me in setting small yet achievable goals. Wherever life's journey takes me next, I will travel with my Springboard toolkit in my back pocket, along with the knowledge, resources and support I gained from an incredible group of women.

Charlotte Holl, Springboard participant, Colchester Borough Council