Our Approach


How will you grow your business without growing your people?

The principles behind our success are:

  • Work with the person, not just the job title. Who’s interested in only hitting targets? We humans learn best when we see the clear personal benefits. Great people skills are relevant to life beyond the workplace, and they make our time at work more productive, rewarding and less stressful. Motivated, well-rounded people bring their best performance to their workplace.
  • Learning outcomes that align with the bigger picture. Coaching and training can’t deliver everything but they can play a big part in your strategic success. Expect us to ask what the rest of the organisation is doing to help meet your big picture goals. How can we best support you with that?
  • Learning that is stimulating, challenging, engrossing and FUN! It should never be a bore or a chore, whether a facilitated group session or a one to one coaching conversation. Life’s too short, and everyone’s time is just too precious.
  • Follow up is crucial. Your organisation must be clear about how it will support its learners going forward. It is vital that all their new ideas and good intentions are nurtured the minute they’re back in the workplace. That’s how the learning sticks and becomes a new way of working.
  • Learning outcomes that are measurable. Training and coaching should deliver clear, measurable, lasting outcomes for the individual learner, their colleagues, their employer and their customers. We agree what those measures should be with you up front, so you can be confident we’ve delivered what we promised.

Rebecca is an outstanding trainer. I have attended her session ‘Design and Deliver Training that Sticks’ twice and it has transformed the way I deliver training.

Mark Watson, Braintree Foyer Manager at Salvation Army Housing Association