The Customer Conversations Masterclasses


For customer care professionals who want to be ready for anything.

Forget job titles. Customer care is everyone’s job.

Successful businesses have customers that keep coming back. Exceptional businesses have customers that do your marketing for you. The magic is in the individual people that represent your brand, day after day.

Every organisation has customers. You may call them something else – service users, members, patients, clients, enquirers, fee-payers, hirers, audience, colleagues, investors, diners, stakeholders, students, subscribers – or something else. But all organisations exist to provide something to somebody, so we all have customers.

The Customer Conversations Masterclasses Programme offers ten modules that build up an understanding of customers and what they need. Three ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ modules focus on the specific skills needed in delivering outstanding customer care through telephone, written communications and face to face.

The modules:

  • Professional You (programme opening)
  • What Customers Want
  • Telephone Conversations
  • Writing it Right
  • Face to Face
  • Selling Without the Hard Sell
  • Vulnerable Customers
  • Difficult Customer Behaviour
  • Resilience and Self-Care
  • Moving Forward (programme close)

How it works:

Module lengths are 4 hours and can be delivered in workshop format at your venue, or live via online conferencing – ideal for teams that work remotely. Modules can be grouped together, making the programme truly flexible.

The programme can be tailored to include material unique to your organisation. Other supporting activity, such as call coaching, follow ups and scenario work/role play can be included.

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I can tell you that this programme has been a huge success…. The final session on Tuesday has helped us immediately form a new approach that will quite simply transform how we work together – especially important as the team comes to terms with big changes in the way we are working, and new responsibility as we start to work as a unit with very little hierarchy. I felt the pace, openness and sensitivity shown by you was simply brilliant – thank you.

Julia Easter, Customer Services Manager, Micro-Scooters