Self Determination and Building a Narrative

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Rebecca and fellow coach Pavlenka Small of Suffolk-based Smallsteps Coaching ( are delighted to be co-delivering a one-day workshop to members of the Colchester Executive Job Club (CEJC) tomorrow, 17 July. The workshop will explore key areas for those undergoing a career transition, such as the values and motivators that are driving your next steps, how do you stay motivated and what self-limiting beliefs might you be struggling with. The day will work towards a truly practical visualisation and goal planning activity, so everyone should go away with a clearer idea of what they can be doing to drive the change themselves, rather than simply being pushed about by circumstances.

The workshop is part of a series of Lottery funded sessions organised by CEJC and are free to Club members. For more information about CEJC and how it can support management professionals undergoing a career change, often due to redundancy or other enforced circumstances, go to